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What is the wonderful technology in Japan?

*If you find spell or grammar or word mistake in this sentence,please tell me it!

I think Japan has many amazing technologies.But I don't know them.Because I have lived in here for twenty.I have lived in Japan so long time,I don't know other country,so I don't compare to other country.

So,please tell me them.I hope to write message by foreigner.If you are Japanese too.

Apr 4, 2017 9:37 AM
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I was born in Japan,but spent couple of years in China,so maybe I can answer your question

well,first of all,In japan,the train and their 改札 is highly advanced 

when you put your little ticket in to the machine,and then you walk a few step forward,the ticket will come out just beside you


there are too many things to mention,,,,,well,,,I think I would choose conveyor belt in Sushi restaurant 

like in くら寿司,if you order something on the pannel,the dish will be carried to your table in a few minutes

I think that's the best part of Japan,,,,,lol

April 14, 2017

I think Japan has many amazing technologies,but I don't know them. I have lived here for twenty years and I don't know other countries, so I don't compare  other countries.

So, please tell me them.I hope to get a message by a foreigner or Japanese person.

(( i fixed some mistakes ))

April 14, 2017