Self-study What do you think - better to learn languages individually or with a teacher?
Apr 5, 2017 8:49 AM
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Best is to combine both. Learning with a teacher only with no self-study may be either slow (which may be OK if you are not in a hurry) or expensive (which may be OK if you can afford it). Self-study alone is not enough because at some point you will want to talk to someone or need someone to correct your mistakes or explain things you don't understand. You may be able to get all these things for free or through a language exchange. Still, getting a teacher is often the most effective and sometimes the only way to get a human to help with your language learning in person.
April 5, 2017

in my opinion It's better to do it individually  and independently because it has a lot of advantageous like you can study anytime you want and anything about you want
for example if you're interested in a topic like art you can find a material ( an easy one) that is about art and enjoy your learning process when you reach to a level of that language go and find a language partner and improve you speaking and writing ability

I'm using Effortless English and I'm doing good in learning English

and for my writing and Speaking I use skype to chat with people around the world it's fun and helpful at the same time

or at least if you're trying to study with a teacher it's better to find a guy like A.J Hoge

a person who can help you with English and inspire you at the same time.

April 5, 2017
It depends on your own preference though. If this is some sort of mini survey to be applied to yourself, might as well try both and see which one works for you. 
April 5, 2017