Coco C.
What are your studying methods?

I am very interested in how other people are starting to get in a completely new language all on their own!

As for me, I always try to focus in keeping conversations more than things that are supposed for me to know beforehand, such as, for example, some vocabulary, so I always start trying to learn structures, numbers and months, and after I have managed to learn some expressions, I get inside the language more deeply with vocabulary and so!

I find it very useful for learning korean to keep a small diary with all my learning notes and events of my daily life. I try to force myself not to look at any translator but to my notes, and sticking notes on the items around my room also helps me remember them later on!

What about you?

Apr 5, 2017 9:10 PM
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I'm currently learning Latin American Spanish and I keep a language learning journal.

I try to write a journal entry everyday about a topic. I do use a translator for this purpose especially when I know the sentence I wrote sounds weird to me, i double check it using the translator, or look up the word.

I also listen to alot of Spanish podcasts, news, music and movies.

I need to improve on my reading, so I use to do that.

April 5, 2017