Frustrating the Beloveds خان شيخون

#KhanSheikoun خان شيخون

 If we get used on frustrating our beloveds then who lives is a loser and who dies is a winner.

إذا كان خذلان الأحبة دأبنا 

فمن عاش خسران ومن مات رابح 

These words dominating my mind after watching the gas massacre in Syria.

I don't know the rate of its translation, waiting for yourcomments. 

Apr 5, 2017 9:18 PM
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I do not quite understand. Clearer English would be 'If we get used to frustrating those whom we love then those who live are losers, and those who die are winners'.

I still do not understand that, though. I think that the word 'frustrating' must be a mis-translation because it does not seem to fit with the rest of the phrase. 

April 5, 2017

Thanks L P waters , these words are a poetic verse , so it's naturally to lose its sense when being translated. 

What about 'letting down" instead of  frustrating?

April 6, 2017