Tips for writing/spelling in German

I only really practice speaking my German vocabulary and forming sentences and all. Therefore, I think it's understandable that when I go to write German words I start drawing a lot of blanks and messing up the spellings something awful. To be honest I was never good at spelling things right...not even in English. Strange thing is when I go to read something in German I don't have as hard of a time understanding it or at least picking out the words I know.

What are some ways that I can improve my German spelling skills?

Should I use school spelling techniques to learn the correct spellings?

Please share your thoughts on this! 

Apr 5, 2017 10:23 PM
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Thank you for your support!

I hope it does get easier though. I really struggle with it a lot.

April 6, 2017
I'd say: just give it time, you know. I found - sorry, I still find! - Polish spelling terribly difficult. But lately I've noticed that it's becoming a bit easier of its own accord. The more words I learn, the better I'm able to recognize roots (and the easier it gets when it comes to remembering vocabulary). And I should think that it'll be the same for you: after all, there are lots of German words that are made up of - e.g. - preposition/prefix + root of verb + ending/suffix, meaning that by the time you have some grasp of the prepositions/prefixes and endings/suffixes and have seen the more common verbs often enough, spelling won't be such a problem anymore. Plus, at least compared to English, German spelling is a bit more phonetic, isn't it? Which also means that as you come to grips with German pronunciation, spelling will become a bit easier. :)
April 5, 2017