Same words, different ¡Salud! and ¡Salud!

Why is it that in Spanish we say Salud when someone sneezes and use the same word before we drink?

What other words are the same but have different meaning in your language?

This is fascinating to me and wonder who made that rule...(at least with Salud example)

Apr 6, 2017 3:26 PM
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I always thought of it as a wish, as if the person saying "salud" to you wishes you keep in good health, because you've just sneezed or because we wish for nice things when we raise our glasses before we drink. In German they say "Gesundheit!" which means "health" (and I believe this happens in other Indoeuropean languages, too), but they have another word for the drinking "salud".
It would be interesting to know the real reason behind this!
April 6, 2017

Hello Christina,

It's really interesting. Actually, this word has another meaning, like "health" (I keep talking about "salud").

Other word could be "arco" which has three different meanings: slice of a curve, goal (soccer), bow (gun).


April 6, 2017
There are lots of words in Spanish that have two (or more) meanings, and that are used in different contexts. I think we have a very rich language!  
April 6, 2017