Native English speaker looking for Japanese/English speaking partner

Hello all,

I've been looking for native Japanese speakers for language exchange, but it has been difficult due to the time difference. I am hoping maybe there are some people in Japan who keep odd hours. 笑 Or maybe there are some Japanese who live in places other than Japan that are looking to practice their English. 

I am still a beginner at Japanese, but am working hard at improving. I have a Skype account that I only use for language exchange. Username: egafner

If I am online, it means I am available for a language exchange. I usually try to log on several times a day, but it usually ends up being odd hours in Japan. 

If you are interested, please try calling me or adding me on Skype. 

Hope to talk soon!

Apr 6, 2017 5:44 PM
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hi,I read your profile ,so I have sent you skype request.If you are interested,let us make language exchange.
April 13, 2017