Could someone correcting this phrase for me? thanks
 Brandy, I just check all the order IDs you sent me, all of them are canceled. I'm so sad and disappointed, I'm just graduated from college, this is my first month in work and I've to pay for all the orders you have canceled,  for you, it's just a Hamburg and a cup of cola, for me ti's a one week pay. And the most important thing is, I'm no long trust people who I don't know so easily. I always think trust is the most valuable thing people can give, and I always give the most and expected the most.I wish this is just a mistake because everyone will care and cherish the most. 
Apr 7, 2017 7:34 AM
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I have just checked all the 'order IDs' you've sent me, they've all been canceled. This is disappointing (I'm disappointed). 

I have just graduated from college. This is my first month in work (working) and I (now) have to pay for all of the orders you have canceled.

For you, this may just be the cost of a hamburger and a can of Coke, but for me, it's a week's pay.

Most importantly (Of significance), I (now) no longer trust people as easily as I once had.  (Due to this experience, I am less trusting than I once was)

I've always thought (that) trust is the most valuable thing people (a person/one) can give, and I've always given this, and expected the same in return.

I hope this cancellation has just been a mistake (or an oversight on your part) as I would be pleased if my faith in people could be restored.

I would appreciate a response at your earliest convenience.


April 7, 2017
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April 7, 2017