STARTING A BLOG Hello, I am thinking about starting a blog. I wrote something short for my first post. I would be really thankful if somebody read it and wrote a comment with corrections and thoughts. :)

It all happened on a warm spring night. I was sitting at the dinner table, checking my Facebook, listening to some Milky Chance on Youtube. Nothing special really. BUT then it came. So suddenly and quickly. So unexpectedly. I was shaken by my thoughts. I immediately started doubting myself because of its size. It was huge. MY PLAN, of course.
Its weight on my shoulders was impossible, so I quickly opened Google and typed: “Should I write a blog?” And after reading several interesting (and not so interesting) articles it quickly became obvious: YES, YES I SHOULD. So I searched for as much information as I could while drinking my tea and of course, burning my tongue doing it. I finally chose a theme, a title, a logo and everything else needed.
So here I am … NOT a virgin anymore. Because here – is my first blog (attempt).

Apr 7, 2017 8:09 PM