Something about my match day

Today I have been lazy. It's terrible, but I can; fight with it :)

I watched three football match. First was began at 16:15. Real Madrit versus Atletico. I have suported Atletico, because I hate team with white costumes - why? Answer is simple - FC Barcelona is my favourite team for my childhood. I remeber time, when in attack was Ronaldinho, which had a lot of great passes from Deco. Today we as FCB have Messi - perfect football player - he won 5 gold balls. The final score is 1:1 - I am particular satisfied, but could be worse.

After I watched BVB vs Bayern Monachium. Lewandowski is the best player in team from Bavaria. He scored two goals - second was scored by Lewy from free kick. Recently he has improved free kick skills - Many people speak, that it why, that Jurgen Klopp said, that he can't do that. Workouts were begun by Lewy and finally - He is more effective in that. 

30 minutes ago I have finished watch match FCB. They played bad match and I'm angry - so much angry, and I go to sleep - I don't want to speak about that. Good night to all :)


Can somebody tell me how I can start new sentence? I have stupid problem - I always began with I - for example I played, I have been, I listen and others. How I can improve my "start" skills?  Can I to skip unhappy I ? 

Apr 8, 2017 9:34 PM