Mr. Lance
Be considerate and thoughtful of others who want to learn

I believe the overwhelming majority of members on Italki are here for a main purpose - to learn a new language, to share what they know of a language and to support one another on our learning journey. Therefore, I am quite taken aback to see some users spamming the forum, not once but multiple times in a short span of time, and advertising for fake certificates. 

Such a brazen act upsets me, as I believe this is not what the majority of us stand for. Many of us are honest learners who want to learn a new language as it broadens our knowledge and equips us for better communication. Therefore, such spammers who are selling fake certificates on a decent platform such as Italki are both shameful and amoral. 

Apr 9, 2017 6:03 AM
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I don't think that there will be anyone on the other end reading this; first because you're posting it in English while the posts are in Mandarin and second because I suspect that it's a spam attack which is probably being done by script rather than an actual person at a keyboard. I would suggest that the best approach is to use the Flag icon in the lower right of the posts to report them to Italki support and hit them with a downvote to hide them from view.
April 9, 2017