What do you think of privacy?

On one hand, it is very interesting that some persons like to violate others' privacy for selfish purposes: I will never make friends with these persons -- thank them for their invading others' privacy for evil purposes, letting me have courage to say "good-bye" to them! These fake persons! Sometimes privacy leakage will even lead to suicide. Ok, maybe these persons just hope this kind of things happen, they do not care; nothing is more important than their vanity. And I will never forgive these persons. Never. (Maybe I am here to find some different persons than these persons.)

On the other hand, some persons do bad things and then take privacy as an excuse -- Hey! You gain the evidence immorally/illegally... These fake persons! Double standard! They may even kill who know their this kind of "privacy".

I think that people communicate and reason to make each other better, but not to use words to kill persons! Or it is better to be alone and read some books.

I am confused. 

What is your opinion?

Apr 9, 2017 11:44 AM