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Betting... Have you ever bet? Did you win or lose?
Apr 9, 2017 8:50 PM
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To be honest , l never bet with someone but 2 months ago I had a bet with a guy. I bet he'll always love me, but I'm completely losing now
April 10, 2017

Hello Sudeep. It become a tradition that you begin a discussion the first. Thank you for this.

So mostly you won. You were always sure that you would win.

About me. I do not like betting. Not because I am not sure that I  am right. Just because I do not like this process. However sometimes we can do it for interest and we have not to choose serious tasks:)

April 10, 2017
Yes, many times but when I was a kid! Well, mostly I won. And I usually bet for an ice cream. What about you Leyla?
April 10, 2017


Thanks for a sincere comment. I think it is already not betting. I am sure he lost too. 

April 10, 2017