I am gonna discuss about My today's routine. (I am learning English, so, help me out.)

Today I woke up virtually at 11:00 a.m. Then, I did meditation for 30 minutes, along with some exercise. After got done with it, I did brush and bathed, then, went outside for buying some eggs for myself. After having it, I started reading on quora, while browsing I got stuck to an interesting for a long time, obviously, it was extensively long, so, I took a time to go through from it. Apparently, It was an interesting one topic, so, I have learned a couple of complicated words. Then, I tried to form sentences using that words, think what? I succeeded and then I sent it to my friend for proofreading, she checked it out and praised me for it. 

I totally am free these days, so, I stay connected to my phone all day long. I am added into so several whats app groups too, where we unifying members from all over the world on regular basis. It's actually fun, being there we welcome people from all over the world. I totally am into arguments, although, before this group, I was an introvert, but this group has changed me and turned me in ambivert. 

I really am freaked out of some of my friends who criticise my writing rather correct me out. And their this errant behaviour impediment my progress to be a writer. They use sophisticated words to insult me. I also tend to it despite the discomfort.

Apr 11, 2017 10:07 AM
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Someone please correct the above para, It will be so helpful for me.
April 17, 2017