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IELTS Speaking Test PART TWO

This is my favourite part of the test because once you have the right strategy, it is as easy as 123!

Let's take a look at one of the most recent questions 

Describe a gift that you recently gave to others 

You should say

When it happened 

Who you gave it to 

What gift you gave the person 

And explain why you gave the gift 

Let's start with the questioning words and BRAINSTORM some vocabulary and idioms

When it happened  last week / fortnight ago/ two or three days ago

Who you gave it to my younger sibling/ my best friend/ my boyfriend 

What gift you gave the person the choice of gift is important as it will dictate the vocabulary you can use 

And explain why you gave the gift birthday/ anniversary/ graduation gift 

Now that I have some Band 7 vocabulary, lets add some idioms!

Friend = we get along like a house on fire 

Gift = cost a pretty penny (expensive) 

I would like to tell you about a gift that I purchased for my bestie a fortnight ago. It was her 22nd birthday and we all met for dinner at an amazing sushi restaurant since she really loves raw fish and wasabi. So the day before, I went shopping ... I should tell you that I am a bit of a shopaholic ... and hit the stores. I looked at a few things at Zara and a few other boutiques but in the end, decided on a stunning leather bag since hers was really old. To be frank, the gift cost a pretty penny but it was worth it. When I gave it to her at the restaurant, she was thrilled! Absolutely over the moon!

The answer is simple but effective and loaded with vocabulary. 

Happy Ieltsing!

Apr 11, 2017 12:46 PM
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To make all above ready in one minute is really difficult to me. Nevertheless, this strategy makes me feel a little confident. Thanks.
April 11, 2017
With practice, it becomes really easy and gets students to a Band 7
April 11, 2017