Having Problem With Numbers

I have a big, awful problem! I CAN'T understand russian grammar of numbers and all those exceptions, It's all mixed up.

I can understand grammar of the other objects( although having problem с глаголами).

Do you know any website which has tables for it? Or questions and answers so I can practice more? Please if you have any suggestions, let me know. 

I'm trying but it's really not logical for me andhorribly difficult. The rest is fine, but NUMBERS!

Thanks all!

Apr 11, 2017 3:54 PM
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What are your problems, dear?

They all conjugate as all other words. The difficulty is that you have to remember combinations up to the number 4, but from the number 5 they all go in the same way.

The number one is in the nominative, but rom the number 2 you they are in thegenitive case. Just have a look for some examples:

feminine - книга: одна книга, две книги, три книги, четыре книги, (then all go as 'книг') пять книг, шесть книг, семь книг, ..., миллион пятьсот двадцать восемь книг.

masculine - компьютер: один компьютер, два компьютера, три компьютера, четыре компьютера, (then all go as 'компьютеров') пять компьютеров, шесть компьютеров, семь компьютеров, ..., миллион пятьсот двадцать восемь компьютеров.

neutral - перо: одно перо, два пера, три пера, четыре пера, (then all go as 'книг') пять перьев, шесть перьев, семь перьев, ..., миллион пятьсот двадцать восемь перьев.

It only looks like complicated, but do some practice and it will be easy. Try to use another nouns, for example, тетрадь (тетради, тетрадей), нож (ножа, ножей), одеяло (одеяла, одеял).

April 11, 2017
I bad speak English, please have a look here
April 11, 2017


Спасибо дорогой Игорь!

It's so difficult about all those exceptions in в.п. и т д. Когда эти в падежих! Очень сложно! Очень..

Благодарю Вас! Полездниеinformations.

April 13, 2017