Tony Marsh
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French speakers: How do the French accept an offer of hospitality?

What is a typical way for French people to offer something to a guest, and how might the guest respond?

For example, if a casual acquaintance is visiting your home and you want to offer them coffee, how would you say it?

And then, how might the guest respond?

This question comes from a friend of mine who speaks Spanish and now lives in Paris. Her question is that in Spanish (at least in Mexican Spanish), someone might say, 'Quieres una chelita?' or, 'Want a beer?', and the guest might say, 'Si hay!', or, 'If there is one!', as a light, gracious response. We would like to know if there is anything like this...colloquial, casual, slang, or French to offer things and then to respond.

Thanks for the help!

Apr 11, 2017 3:55 PM
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Yes, I think you're right. 
April 12, 2017
I see. I guess you have to add French as a language first.
April 12, 2017
Aegis, it doesn't give me that option in my languages drop-down list. 
April 11, 2017
maybe post this under French discussions?
April 11, 2017