行くない に日本。( I will not go to Japan, not yet anyway).

So I have been told by my dad that I can not go to Japan and the only exception he had is if I went with my family.

I shall not go with my family as they will embarrass me while I am there; my cousins already make fun of me and Japanese whenever I study it.

 Now I have to wait until there is no one around ( no one holding me back here) and then I shall go there and maybe live there.

昨日、1時間泣いたました。(Yesterday, I cried for one hour.) 悲しいました。。。and I still am.

I shall not give up my hope, I shall continue to study until the day I get to travel alone to the country I love.

Apr 12, 2017 7:27 AM
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You are not a teenager, then everything will be easier to deal with. To be a volunteer or to choose working holiday might help you to solve the financial problem. You just need to make sure that your Japanese is good enough. 

 Here is a website about working holiday in Japan: https://www.wwoofjapan.com/main/index.php?lang=en

I hope it would be helpful for you.

April 12, 2017

Hi, Katherine! Don' be upset.

You said that you asked your father's opinion about the trip to Japan, so I guess that you are still a teenager. I want to share my experience with you. When I was 15, I wanted to travel to another country alone too. And my parents had the same attitude as yours, I could go there but must have a company. Finally, I traveled to a city nearby instead. 

After this trip, my parents began to believe that I could take care of myself. Then they generously supported me to visit some places far away from my home in the next few years and did not force me to find a company.

Maybe your parents just worry about you, as what my parents did. They may be not sure whether you can take care of yourself, avoiding dangers in the trip. Why not try to show them you can do this? 

And as to your cousins, just ignore them and continuously learn Japanese. When you are able to speak Japanese fluently, they would not make fun of you again.

Don't be upset, Katherine. I believe that you can achieve your dream. It just needs time.

April 12, 2017

@Chen Ying

My dad doesn't want me to go because its too far away, too expansive and its a place he doesn't know along with a language he doesn't know.

He is more focused on me getting a job which is something that won't make me happy, unlike going to Japan and Asia which would make me happy.

By the way I am not a teenager but he would get more upset and angry if I didn't ask him and just went, plus I need his financial support to go.

April 12, 2017