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“穿”和“戴”你真的明白了吗?Do you really understand how to use "wear" in Chinese? 关于衣服大家知道多少呢?衬衫、T恤、短袖(半袖)针织衫、风衣等等,这些都属于上衣,还有下装,比如说裤子、裙子什么的。除此之外还有袜子、鞋子、手套、领带,围巾、腰带(裤带)甚至是一些配饰如耳环、发卡、眼镜等等,什么时候说“穿”,而什么时候说“戴”呢?大家有没有思考过?没关系,给我留言吧,稍后公布答案!
How much do you know about clothes? shirt、T-shirt、sweater or French coat ,These are all tops. And also we have pants or skirts for bottom. Besides that we also have socks、shoes、gloves、tie、scarf、belt and even more accessories like earings、hairpin or glasses. Have you ever thought about when should we use "chuan" and when should we use "dai"? It's okay, leave a message there and I will post the answer later!
Apr 12, 2017 2:21 PM
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Actually it's like this. The top,pants,dress,socks,shoes,These are the things called daily necessary clothes. You need to use "chuan" for necessary clothes. But other things like gloves,ties,scarf,belt,earings,hairpin,glasses,ring, These are the accessories, That means it's daily necessary clothes. You are totally okay going out without it. So for accessories you need to use "dai" or "ji", Oh BTW we got one more word for wear that is "ji", Are you aware of the difference between "dai" and "ji"? 

April 13, 2017
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