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You find Bill Gate's wallet lying on the street. It contains USD 1 million and you have to decide what...

...to do with it.

Here are three options to help you decide:

1) You send the wallet with the money back to Bill Gates. 

2) You get the money to help a relative who you dislike and is in serious debt. 

3) You get the money and keep a secret from your whole family so that your relative in financial trouble does not know about it.

Apr 13, 2017 11:38 AM
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I'm sorry but I'm not an honest person. I would definitely choose between 2 and 3. I would buy 2 houses and rent them out. The monthly income would be about $6k. Then I use that $6k to help my relatives and even others in my poor town where it would not be on Bill Gates' radar. I would definitely take credits for it. I may say something like "Don't thank me. Thank Bill Gates, but won't explain why."
April 13, 2017
Ha. Of course, I'll give the money back to Bill Gates. But, before that, I'll keep the money in a bank for a short period. I'll inform Bill and confirm whether he lost it or not. I'm interested in the interst the money makes in the bank. I don't feel anything wrong because Bill gets his money back. Is it a little tricky?
April 13, 2017

Great answer, Dan.

You are absolutely right as to the size of the wallet and the amount of money in it. However, as this is just a hypothetical scenario, we could have even $ USD 10 million dollars in it. 

Al right, your answer clearly implies that you are thinking about ethical and moral issues. What if you got the money, donated it to one or more charity organizations and after that, you let him know that you did a good action? After all, Bill Gates's USD 1 million is money to buy candies for children.

As for your puzzle, it's a hard one, too. But I would choose to tell the person to get rid of the money and let them know that the police are on their way. Then, it`s up to him to decide what to do.

I could also not say anything to the person since he's a human being acting according to his human instinct. The rest, the police decide what to do.

April 13, 2017
I think I would choose 1),,,because you'll probably have chance to contact Bill Gates...lol
April 13, 2017

After reading your situation, the first thing that struck in my mind was how on earth one can carry $1bn in his wallet. I had no idea the what is the biggest US bill but thanks to @Dan who mentioned and analyzed the situation vividly. Well, it's the 1st one for sure but the question asked by @Dan was a bit tough. Maybe I chase him but the fact is, I'm not that good at running:)

@Yvona, I think after taking a look inside the wallet, we may get some clue like for example, his picture with his wife or daughter. Good question:)

April 13, 2017
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