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5 Methods to improve your English speaking skills... Methods 1 to 3 are impractical

The first three methods of improving your speaking skills are impractical or impossible.
Method number 2 is a good method, but it's a little extreme and so I'm just kidding.
Method numbers 4 and 5 are practical, possible and can be done by anyone... and they will help improve your speaking skills.

1  Move to an English-speaking country

2  Marry a native English speaker who doesn't know your native language

3  Make friends with a native English speaker online and ask that your mistakes are corrected

4  When you read English, speak the words out loud

5  When you listen to English audio (podcasts, TV or movies) stop the audio and repeat the sentences out loud.

NOTE:  I am a busy italki English teacher and I am sorry to say that I am not available to do language exchange.

Apr 13, 2017 5:36 PM
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2  Marry a native English speaker who doesn't know your native language  .
The most exciting point.

April 13, 2017

Nada... thank you for your comment. 

Sudeep... You are right.. number 3 is SOMEWHAT (to some degree) impractical. 

TestUser... Your question is almost impossible to answer. Millions of people and millions of opinions. Inter-cultural marriages are challenging, especially for the person who is living in a different country/culture. IMHO, there are good people in every country.

Leyla... I watched the video but I could not understand it. I agree that methods/options 2, 4 and 5 are the most possible.

Bill... one or two years in a different country, surrounded by a different language, would certainly improve one's language skills very quickly. Unfortunately, not very many people will ever have the chance to live in another country.

Flora... having a rude friend is not necessary, but it is necessary to have an agreement between the two people that they will correct each others language mistakes, then all will be well.

may i add one more?? :  CORRECT
Choose (rude) STRICT friends to help you improve your (e)English!
Unfortunately we dont (get often) FTEN GET corrected by most of THE people who try to be polite ..
they think we might get offended and they say nothing... CORRECT
pls feel (obliged) FREE to correct me, i would appreciate it

My thanks to all who provided your great comments

April 14, 2017

 hahahaha may i add one more?? :
6. Choose rude friends to help you improve your english! Unfortunately we dont get often corrected by most of people who try to be polite ..they think we might get offended and they say nothing...

pls feel obliged to correct me, i would appreciate it :)

April 14, 2017

Hello Richard. It is an interesting discussion.


1. It is a difficult.

2. It is also strange. Probably a person must not marry for learning language. If two people who do not know each other's language marry they have to live far from other people.  They can live in an island. Otherwise it will be this incident with one of them.

3, 4, 5

These methods  are suitable for everybody:)

Thank you.

April 14, 2017

Several of you seem to like the marriage method, but it would be quite difficult for the one learning English to be married to someone who didn't speak a word of the other's native language. Being exposed to a new language 24/7 is more taxing than one might think.

Besides that, getting married just to learn a new language seems a little extreme, don't you think :)

April 14, 2017
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