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Hello to everyone :)

Tomorrow I have an English conversational class and we are going to talk about different traditions and customs. It is very interesting topic because so many countries so many customs, an English proverb says.

I need your help, my dear Italkiers. It is a lot of people here. You are all from different countries and you have traditions and customs. Please tell me about them. What is your favourite tradition or custom? What do you not like? Which traditions are new or very old?

I thank you in advance for your help.

P. S. As usual I beg your pardon for my mistakes.


Apr 13, 2017 9:38 PM
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My favorite tradition is the American tradition/holiday of Thanksgiving. It has somewhat of a strange history behind it (Europeans sitting down and eating a meal with the native Indians) Now we get together with family and friends on the 3rd Thursday of November and eat a GIANT feast. Turkey is the main dish, also bread and green beans and pureed potatoes. We usually play games in the morning before the big meal and then after we watch movies (some families have special traditional movies they watch) but it's not like the Russian new year and watching "the Irony of Fate". At about 5 or 6 o'clock we usually eat a little more.

One tradition I hate is Valentines Day. It is a day where men are expected to buy lots of presents for their wives or girlfriends. But honestly it is soooooooo materialistic now and I often feel so not genuine for getting my wife a present on Valentines day. Basically I feel companies make this tradition so that men will spend their money on their products.  

My wife and I have a fun tradition of one Sunday night of the month. We have a movie and popcorn night. We have a little baby so going to the movie theater isn't really that easy. So we make popcorn at home ( a BIG bowl) and pick a fun movie to watch and snuggle up in a blanket and eat our popcorn and enjoy a nice night together. 

Please let me know if this helps your group. Also if you message me I can always give you fun topics for your English group. Silly little American facts and things that Russians may not know. Everyone will be so jealous of you. Just joking. 

April 14, 2017