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Safety first!

Many people believe that the motto "safety first" includes privacy, but Is our privacy safe on the social media? Shouldn't we be paying more attention to it as the social websites and applications has become an undeniable part of our lives?

Or have we gradually got used to how it goes as those apps and platforms grow bigger and more popular until we reached the point where we find it absolutely normal not to be discreet, and take our "privacy safety" for granted?

Now, I know that there are so many people out there who give it the amount of attention it needs to feel secure and satisfied, but still on the other side an enormous number of people who just don't consider the whole issue a thing to think over.

Any opinions?

Apr 14, 2017 12:59 PM
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It depends on how we define " safety". Privacy is important not only to be able to hide your personal life but be polite too.  I don't like seiing personal moments of others being exposed to internet as much as i hate seeing people in the street kissing and doing stuff. They have the right to do it though but i have the right to look away. They might find it natural to act this way, afterall is their choice. When it comes to safety, i suppose you refer to other peoples "invasions" to our personali life and cyberspying in order to obtain important informations they might use for their own purposes. This is a problem, i agree
April 14, 2017

We're on the same page. Matter of fact, after having my Facebook account for 10 years, through which I've been seeing people's activity displayed on my page, I've came to a conclusion that I'd rather use it as an online magazine, it works perfectly for such a usage.

April 14, 2017

Even close friends ignoring your privacy is easy. When my friends post my picture on FB, I feel uncomfortable. 

I was almost hacked my facebook account the other day. It was scarcely. Connecting many people in the world is fun. Sharing your news with people in the world is pleasure. But there are strange men/women as well as nice fellows.

Using SNS looks like that it taking you outside to show you to the world. Then you get to know you should bring yourself back inside again to protect you. You get to know how much you can show, open and also how much you close, hide yourself. 

 Do you want share, or you don't ? What are we doing anyway? I wonder....

We are playing a dangerous worldwide hide-and-seek. 

April 14, 2017

I'm not sure of what you're implying here ma'am, but I should tell you that I'm a new teacher on this website and I have to have my actual photo set as a profile picture, so that "one student is better than none", I believe it's an exception in this case.

I apologize if I got your comment wrong ☺

April 14, 2017
 There is  no need for photo to learn a language  . Better safe than sorry 
April 14, 2017