Fastest approch to reach from inermediate to proficient level In English in six months.

Hey everyone,

I was wondering to ask this question for quite sometime that what is the best way for a person to master English using italki when apparently all  you can speak and write is English but you are not very good at it.

Apr 15, 2017 6:18 AM
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Hi Adarsh,

Once you get to a "usable" level  (pre-intermediate/intermediate) in a language, it's very easy to become stuck or even go backwards.

Do a little research and decide what "proficient" really means. What are you able to do at that level?  When you know, those are the goals you need to focus on.

I recommend getting a proper teacher's opinion on what you need to do next to improve. Even if it's just a trial lesson, you should get a lot of valuable advice.

April 15, 2017

Hi peachey,

Thanks for the valuable insight , I liked your idea of breaking down what "proficient" means for me. I am already in the research and implementation phase, for improving my language skills, will  get to you soon for the same.


April 16, 2017