Italian learning advice Hi I am a beginner in learning Italian. Does anyone have any advice that could help me. I also am interested in finding learning partners.
Apr 16, 2017 12:32 AM
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Hi, my very best general advice learning languages, is to start memorizing some texts -- as actors do : I'd start from fairy tales, because they deal with a material world and are rich of various verb moods, and have a clear play of action-purpose. Hard at beginnings, you'll soon get confident because (that's the secret) you'll be obliged to assimilate the "most frequent words" without which, you can't go very far; along with assimilating the "syntax" -- so that you will instinctively form sentences (which is the point n.1) -- even if you don't know the word.... Then I'd also recommend you, to attend a good Synonym dictionary instead than translations, so that you'll also start thinking in that very language instead of translating. Linguists say, our typical sentence structure is long multiple-period sentences, so have a particular look on causal adverb (because, since, as, ) and punctuation, as we usually prefer not to repeat the subject each time in the same speech. They also say, we have an "emotive language", we prefer expressing emotions rather than facts, but this is appears to be the same (kind of) difference between American English and British English. Finally, consider entering the italian facts -- italian culture -- not only for a full-immersion practice, but because otherwise, I can't see point n.2 Needed you a suggestion, here there are:

- a story with text beside

- basic lexicon, phrases, grammar:

- listening italian: the best production of Italian TV ever:

Do few, do it fine and you'll be ok. ciao

April 16, 2017