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Russian Easter Wordlist [downloadable]
Со све́тлым пра́здником Па́схи!
Happy Easter to everybody who celebrates this holiday! 
По-русски: Со све́тлым пра́здником Па́схи! 
Let’s look into the phrase structure:  preposition Со (we add О to C as the following word begins with С too)+ све́тлый пра́здник Па́схи in Instrumental case (literally with a bright holiday of Easter).
Another, more religious way to congratulate on this Day is to say: Христо́с воскре́с! Christ is risen! And the answer should be Вои́стину воскре́с! Indeed, He is risen!
Want to know some more facts and learn Russian Easter and download Easter Vocabulary List with Grammar comments and pronunciation? Continue reading here:
Apr 16, 2017 4:27 AM
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Wow thanks for this. I always thought everyone was saying  "истинно воскрес"  I never saw anyone write it.  poka
April 16, 2017
Пожалуйста,  с праздником! [emoji] if you follow the link,  you can download the full Easter Wordlist in the end of the article 
April 16, 2017