Is it important for a girl to marry ?

  Now here we go , I have some questions for you .

First of all , What will happen if the girl does not marry ?

second of all , What would be the perfect age for a girl to marry ?

third, If the girl does not marry , What will she do ?

why do most of girls think a lot about marriage ? Are not there other important stuffs other than that ? 

Now your turn .What do you recommend ?

Apr 16, 2017 1:42 PM
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Well I think that this is a very important subject to discuss about as there are many inputs that we can get here which may affect or change somebody's life.

I will try to give a brief answer about each question and I will try to mention my opinion about the subject in general at the end.

1. We all knows that men and women needs to complete each other out and they need someone to look after them and to be faithful for them to settle down and have a peace of mind and in my opinion marriage is promise between men and women to support each other and to be faithful for each other as well, that's why most girls they want to get married to have a peaceful mind and to know that there is someone to support them in raising their children and in other important matters.

2. I think that the perfect age for a woman to get married is between 23- 27  for two reasons first of all she needs to be strong and young when she raise her children and she should have enough time in case she want to make a birth control as well.

3. Since there is a big difference in the ratio of men population comparing to women there will be a lot of women that end up unmarried, there for they should keep going and try to be productive in the community maybe they can raise orphans since they have the maternity in themselves  or they can pursuits their goals in life and try to be productive in the community.

4. In my opinion since women have the maternity they think about getting children from a nice man who can show them real love and take the responsibility of them as well as the children, this is their biggest responsibility in life .

This is a brief about my opinion without mentioning many points such as culture and religious rules that prevent and intervention between men and women unless they are married and both they have lust after all so marriage will be the only possible way for them to fulfill that lust in the correct way as per their belief .

April 16, 2017

Great questions. I am an American woman:

I am married but I had not planned on being married until later in life, if ever. I know young women who are not thinking about marriage right now at all. They want to impact their world first. 

I have many married and unmarried friends. I have seen a cultural shift for it to be more acceptable for a woman to choose to not marry than a man. If men are not married, it implies there is something wrong, if women are not married, she may be a career woman. It may vary across the U.S. because we have many cultures. Because there is often the need for both husband and wife to work, especially if they have children, it is considered wise for a woman to be educated and have a career. 

I have friends where the wife has an actual career but the husband has a general job. It works well for them. She was already educated when they married but pursued more education when their children began school. 

In the U.S. there is a lot of divorce and remarriage, so being single is nothing anyone assumes is a permanent position. 

I also have friends who do not have children. One wonderful woman that is a close friend, works in the school system and she is a mother figure for many, many people. If she decides to have children, she will be a wonderful mother, but if she does not, she is still in another way- a wonderful mother. 

I do not believe there is a perfect age for marriage. If one wants to have children, we know that the body is healthiest in their young adult years. But if a woman does not marry, what I see is that they still envelop themselves in something in which they can still nurture another living thing. Teachers, Vets, Nurses, Doctors, Counselors, Psychologists, etc. Healthy and happy women (and men) tend to be active in their community through their job, volunteering, hobby, or church. 

April 26, 2017
I think, yes, because women want commitment, while men don't care too much...haha, but I think also there is women that don't want to get married. I remember I have seen a documentary where says that Swedish women don't want to get married anymore.
April 26, 2017
Culture plays a big role!  
April 26, 2017
well , thanks Mezo to share your opinion  
April 16, 2017
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