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what do you think abou this guy's English?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm91bjnbUbI ;

I mean, do you understand everything without subtitles? Do you have to strain hard to make out the words? I'm asking because I have a pretty similar accent and way of speaking/ 

Apr 16, 2017 8:23 PM
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I also get the feeling the guy either has lived in the US or lives there now. Notice his use of the word "gadget"? That's a little old-school, like something my mom would say. It sounds like it's out of the 1930s-1940s to me. I wouldn't use the word myself. But some people probably still use it. Not sure if that word is used in the U.K; however, it's falling out of use in the US, but it is universally understood. 

April 17, 2017
I agree with the others. There is no need for subtitles. I do think it takes a bit more concentration for me to understand him than it does for me to understand most native speakers, so I would not want to listen to him for long periods of time, but for short periods of time it is no problem.   
April 16, 2017
I have seen some of his videos. He has a youtube channel called Crazy Russian Hacker. No problem in understanding him at all.
April 16, 2017
 He definitely has an accent, but I had no problem understanding him. 
April 16, 2017
I actually really like his accent, because it makes him sound more fun. Of course language learners should try to speak clearly enough to be understood by the target language audience, but should not worry too much about losing their accent entirely. Accents are what make internationals so charming and interesting as friends. Love your accent! Be proud of it!
April 17, 2017
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