anyone has foreign lover and does it bother you sometime ?
Im from south korea and I have a Japanese boyfriend.

As you guys probably know Japan and Korea have some historical and territorial problems each other.

I get not angry easily but one week ago i got really mad when he talks about the sex slaves back in world war 2.

We were watching a tv about sex slaves by Japanese soldiers 

When we were watching that show , i was eating but he said "oh let them do it more " so I said why then he said "it will make it more dirty and complicated " And " do you know  Korean and Indonesian sex slaves actually wanting more and more money ?"1

I couldn't eat more so I ran into bed.

One day he also said "nanking holocaust is actually strange and chinese propaganda "

Actually we love each other but time to time , this types of things bothers me :(

Anyone else  has similar experience because of the nationality problem

Apr 17, 2017 7:15 AM