have you tried learning languages by yourself without any teachers? what are the results?

hi every body,

have  you tried learning languages by yourself without any teachers? i want to know if you have tried in this state, what are the results? have you learned most of them? it has good results or not...


Apr 17, 2017 11:41 AM
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I mostly learn languages alone and I'm in general quite happy with the results. Until recently I also thought, that it fits my learning style better to learn alone. But I recently started taking classes with a Spanish teacher here on italki and I must say, with the right teacher, language learning is even more fun and I can progress faster. It's good to have feedback by a qualified native speaker, who can explain the grammar, corrects mistakes and gives a lot of helpful hints, how to phrase sentences more naturally. 
April 19, 2017

I believe that self-study is essential to success in any language - any field for that matter - and that one won't benefit from a teacher without doing significant work ALONE first.

I usually begin studying a language by listening often and reading as much as I can. When I've developed a "feel" for the language, I practice reading aloud, making videos talking about simple everyday things, and building a set of practical productive skills at each level, A1 through C2.

Teachers are useful to me for motivation, for confidence speaking, and for immediate feedback and clarifications. Keep in mind though, I'm a bit of a lone wolf and typically like working alone. Some people like learning in social situations, and need more guidance, more frequently. A lot depends on your character, work habits, and experience as a language student.

April 19, 2017
I know a friend. She was studying English by herself. She reach to a level, I think in a year where she can speak like a native English speakers. But she was so discipline and working hard every day. Comparing to someone took a lot of courses and classes with a lot of money, I think it is great. She make me believe that to reach to same level, you need to self study, not depending on others.
April 18, 2017

Yes, that is quite possible especially nowadays many learners can approach listening, speaking, reading and writing via social networks, applications, Youtube...etc.  In comparison with English learning 30 years ago, you might have had to rely heavily on face to face speaking and listening. 

Of course we all have to admit if one has an intimate friend like couples , one may have a better position to learn that language with more efficiency, but in the real world not everyone can have such a chance to learn a language and even so, it entails industrious learning to achieve reading and writing.  

April 19, 2017

Hi Sepidah, I firmly believe in the importance of learning to be your own teacher - learning to fish, rather than being given fish. 

Some people say, and I agree, that each language you learn becomes easier. I think it's because you learn the principles of the process, and the path becomes more familiar. So learning the principles of language learning could be as important as learning any one language, if learning multiple languages is the goal. 

April 18, 2017
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