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You decide to test drive a black brand new car from a local dealer called Black & Black. You jump in the...

...car and drive away from the place. You stop at a T-junction and must decide between a dirt track and a black asphalt. You choose the black road and speed up to test the black car on the black asphalt. All of a sudden, a black man wearing all black appears in front of you. His black cloak and black hat are unnoticeable. He also wears black shoes, black gloves, black pants, and his black face is covered with a black mask. All the street lights are switched off and all cars in the vicinity, including yours, have their headlights off. There’s no moon in the sky and you approach at a high speed and are forced to slam on the brakes. You barely manage to bring the black wheels of the car to a screeching halt, but luckily, you avoid hitting the man on the road.

How did you see the man on the road?

Apr 17, 2017 6:14 PM
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It's not said that all this happens in night. That's why all the lights on the street are off and all the cars driving with their lights switched off as well. Let alone the Moon. The Sun is shining. 
April 17, 2017

Well done Michael.

That's a good point. I should have given you this piece of information.

So let's assume that your car also has its headlights off.

April 17, 2017

Congratulations Michael.

You are really a very smart person!

April 17, 2017
" all cars in the vicinity have their headlights off", but it's not said "including the car you are driving"...
April 17, 2017