To me Love is only You (Directly From Heart)

Love is Beautiful
Love is cute
Sometime love is loud
Sometime its mute.

Love is rainy season
Love winters ice
Love is 24 hours
Without day and night

Love is playing together
Eating with one spoon
Love is In Imagination
Taking each other to moon.

Love is worshiping, 
Love is prayer
Some time its long distance
Some time so near.

Love is waiting forever
Love is Keeping patience
Love knows no boundary
Love has no fence.

Love start from heart
It stop with death
After death it starts again
Death is just a break

Love is your smiling Lips
Love is your Tears
Love is Your brave heart
That overcome all fears

Love is your funny jokes
Your yellow red emojis
Love is your long texts
and You short voice messages

Love is when I was awake
All night for your call
Love is my holding hand
When you were going to fall.

Love is Every movies
That we watched with each other
Love is those sensual kisses
That you sent me on viber

Love is our watsapp status
Love is our fighting
Love is our tiredness
And our only energy drink

Love is my never give up
Love is standing with you
Love is my tears
That came out for you

You are my love 
I see you in everywhere.
For you I am loving myself
For you I am loving every nature.

I can’t define what is Love
I don’t want to define it too
I just know one thing
To me, love is only You.

                    Next part coming soon

Apr 17, 2017 8:09 PM