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I've been always afraid of asking a girl out. I believe a lot of men have this fear, especially when they see a beautiful woman. Now that I'm married, I obviously don't have to date =). And I've forgotten how scary it can be to ask someone out. When I was growing up, I had to handle rejection quite often. When I was even thinking about asking someone out, I got tongue-tied. I was really brave to say something on the Internet, like many other guys, but I was not able to say the same things in person without turning beet red. Having admitted this, now I can say that I was a wuss. I changed when I met my wife. She is so upbeat and sweet. Of course, it took me a while to approach her, but I'd worked up the nerve to ask her out. Luckily, I did not have to handle rejection this time. In a month or two I fell in love with her. She looked so gorgeous when I met her, and she still is=). At first, I thought she was nice to me out of courtesy, and when she gave me the eye, I believed it was some sort of a game. Only after a month was I completely sure that it was more than just a game. Thank God, I was a big chicken back in those days. If I had been bolder as I am now, I could have missed my love and who knows what could have happened.

How many times have you asked a man or a woman out? Do you often have to handle rejection? Do men/women usually repel you or fall in love with you at first sight?

Apr 18, 2017 8:26 AM
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for me as a girl I had never told a men that I love him..I don't know but it's not a good idea - I think- to ask a man , coz the result is rejection and I don't want to try that feeling.

I was loving someone, for the first two days I met him at work I didn't feel anything but after three days we were always together and I loved him lot but I was not able to tell him, I tried to show him that I m interested on him but there is no reaction by his side we don't need to say it clearly I LOVE YOU to see the result...the person who loves you will try to show you and things go softly ( at least untill you know both of you about this love), so there is no need to say it and face the rejection and days of pain!!!

Am I wrong ? hope so :p

May 5, 2017

"A man wants to be the first boy in her life, 

A woman wants to be the last girl in his life."

It's from Japanese pop song. Do you agree?


Your mother land's custom might hit the point of a man's nature. It's wise of a woman to pretend to reject his proposal to burn a man's desire to get her. She could enhance her own worth and a man would feel deep sense of accomplishment.

May 5, 2017
So interesting :) 
May 5, 2017

That's indeed an amazing memory in your life. Thanks for sharing with us. When you said, "Thank God, I was a big chicken in those days. If I had been bolder as I am now, I could have missed my love and who knows what could have happened.", it reminded me of a saying people often say here i.e. we don't choose our life partner; the dating or meeting with whom, when and where is all set by our destiny the day we are born! So, in that sense, it was written that you would meet someone you will love the most:)

In my case, I think I am not a big chicken as you were; still a spring chicken in this matter:D

In my view, "love at first sight" is just a concept that often triggered by the love hormone, once you engaged in your work, out of sight, out of mind. But I may be wrong:)

April 18, 2017

Thank you for sharing your story!~  It's so romantic~ 
Hm I never asked a guy out. (try to think again... I don't think I've started it.)
I may have shown some interest, but never asked the person out and I'm so glad I never asked. 
I did reject several, but I'm glad I did, otherwise, I wouldn't have met the one who was really meant for me.
I know loving someone at first sight is dangerous. I learned to love from what's inside and who that person truly is.
Yes, I do not deny that I did get attracted by handsome looking man, but the more u get to know, sometimes, the uglier they are .
Vice versa, some looks ugly at first, but looks more and more attractive with time.
That's who I chose to be with.

May 5, 2017
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