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Columbae milvi metu accipitrem rogaverunt, ut eas defenderet. Ille annuit. At in columbare receptus, uno die majorem stragem edidit, quam milvus longo tempore potuisset edere. — Fabula docet, malorum patrocinium vitandum esse.


Out of fear of the kite-bird, the doves asked the hawk to defend them. He agreed. But when he was received into the dovecot, he caused more destruction in one day than the kite would have been able to bring about in a long time. — The story teaches us that the patronage of wicked people is to be avoided.

Apr 18, 2017 4:56 PM
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Che dire, se non che si commenta da sola? Peccato però, la morale sempre negativa - o quasi- di queste favole. Bellissima comunque. Straordinarie soprattutto l'incisività e la brevità con le quali l'autore condensa le proprie riflessioni sull'uomo e sulla realtà attraverso l'espediente degli animali protagonisti.
July 27, 2017
Hi Aliph, you have perfectly synthesized the sense of the Latin. It is true that it is a dead tongue, today, in the 21st century, and at the same time, it is not true.
It's amazing the amount - and the quality - of the knowledge and skills that Latin manages to convey.

Never, however, approach GRAMMAR ONLY. It would be oten hard for us Italians as well.

It is the thought that you have to understand: to think like the ancient Romans. You must immerse yourself in their history, before in their language. Are not we, all of us, immersed in the English and American world in some way? so we learn the language.

Look at this short pearl of wisdom:

Musca et vespa pugnabant. Appropinquavit merula et muscam atque vespam statim voravit.

"A fly and a wasp fought. Approached a cranberry and devoured both the fly and the wasp"

Tra i due litiganti il terzo gode.

Exemplarity, the different human (or animal) types, the characters, the stories that teach a moral, Christian or pagan, the achievements in war, love for land and agriculture, great enemies like the Germans , the Carthaginians, the conquest of the Mediterranean and Europe to the Reno and Danube rivers, the incorporation of ancient Greek civilization ... in short, it is understandable that all this intimidates and slows down the desire to learn.
September 17, 2017
Alcides and Cinzia thank you! I was happy to understand the small text written by Alcides before I even read the translation so I didn't completely forget what I learned a longtime ago. And also the proverb written by Cinzia was clear to me.
Yes the culture is great but I think what slows down the eagerness to learn Latin nowadays is the materialistic approach to knowledge which prevails among people. One has to learn what is useful to find a job and not what nourishes the mind and the soul. 
Should I say: "O tempora o mores!"?
September 18, 2017
Salvete Cinizia et Aliph:
Spero vos bene valere.
Vobis plurimas gratias ago pro vestris comentariis.
Profecto a mea pueritia, fabulae Aesopiae magnopere me delectaverunt, et nunc, dum linguam latinam disco, eas latine legere etiam constitui.
Textus huius fabulae quem hic transcipsi, inveni apud librum "Learn Latin with Aesop" (
Bene valeatis.
Salutem plurimam vobis dico.

Anglice interpretatio: / English Translation:

Hello Cinizia et Aliph:
I hope you are fine and in good health.
Thank you very much for your comments.
In fact, since my childhood, I've liked Aesop's fables very much , and now that I'm learning Latin, I decided to read them in Latin too.
I found the text of this fable that I transcribed here in the book "Learn Latin with Aesop"

September 18, 2017
Great wisdom, thank you for the translation.  Maybe I should try to remember what I learned in secondary school during 8 years. I forgot most of the Latin I learned. Too bad.
September 10, 2017
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