Nguyen Kim Thy
Hi! My name's Thy and I am going to take IELTS exam next month but my writing skills so bad, hope your help !!

One of the biggest problems caused by urbanization is traffic congestion. What problems does traffic congestion cause?

Can you think of any solution?

    It is obvious that urbanization is becoming a debatable issue in society these days. The worst consequence of this trend has resulted in traffic jams. This essay will attempt to investigate some problems and then suggest some solutions for this issue.

 It is generally believed that there are some problems related with traffic congestion. To begin with , the emission of vehicles is a main cause lead to global warming. It is reported that car exhaust contributes to carbon dioxide and becomes the one of major sources of harmful air pollution, as well as, green house gas. In addition, traffic jams can also damage humans' health. IF people get stuck into traffic jams in regular, they can face with some problems about the the respiratory diseases such as hard breath, or even lung cancers.

    To tackle with this predicament, there are some suggestions to improve this situation. Firstly, the government should take proactive measures to improve the infrastructure. The city council should invest more money in rebuilding and extending the roads in the metropolitan areas. Secondly, the authorities have to encourage their city dwellers to replace individual vehicles with public transport which is  equipped with more convenient facilities for passengers. Last but not least, focusing on developing the suburb areas about infrustructure and jobs can help to reduce the pace of transport in the big cities. 

    In conclusion, it is the right time to enhance the awareness of mankind about reducing traffic congestion in the  urban cities. I am convinced that if every member of the society is aware of their role in reducing the  traffic congestion, this problems can be solved in the near future. 

Apr 18, 2017 5:37 PM