Good website for practising Spanish listening

Hi all,

I am from Hong Kong. I have learnt Spanish on and off for more than a year.  The most difficult part is listening.

I would like to share this website.  This is quite useful  to practise listening. The exercises are short and not difficult.

By the way, I will visit Spain with my hubby (Barcelona, Valencia, Granada, etc) in July.  I have not planned thoroughly yet.

If there are any locals who can show us around or give us some tips, that would be perfect. We can practise Madarin with you.

Apr 19, 2017 2:24 AM
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Hello !!

Well done on trying to learn Spanish. It is not super easy - and I agree one of the most difficult part is listening although you can tackle it by watching Spanish films with subtitles and trying to read the subtitles while listening. 

Spanish is amazing. I am from Valencia and I would highly recommend you to try paella in La Pepica and walk in the city centre because the streets of Carmen are beautiful. I would suggest you to go to the Oficina de Turismo for a map and some info. They are really friendly and they will give you many useful tips. I am not living there at the moment but I can guarantee Valencianos will be happy to help if you ask around, and it will help you to practice your Spanish.  Buena suerte!

April 19, 2017

You can enjoy it by watching some movies, soap operas and interviews, much better than wasting your time with those mechanic mp3.

Good luck

April 19, 2017