learning English What are the best methods to learn English ??
Apr 19, 2017 2:41 PM
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Honestly I think the best way to learn any language is to listen and practice speaking. Schools focus too much on the grammar, and while grammar is very important, it often prohibits students from actually being able to communicate with others when the opportunity arises. 

My spanish teacher required us to listen to news broadcasts in Spanish and write down every word you hear. This helped me improve my ability to recognize words in fluid speech, not just in isolated situations like memorizing a vocabulary list. It's more real and similar to what you would hear on the streets when you're actually communicating with people in the language, not just repeating vocabulary terms one by one. 

So I definitely suggest searching youtube or news websites in english, for example Fox News, NBC News, ABC News, CNN News. Whatever you decide to watch, just listening to natives speak is really helpful. News broadcasters are the best because they are trained to enunciate their words very clearly, so even though they speak fast, their words are clear and easy to understand.

If you want a more relaxed environment, you could watch some famous english speaking Youtubers and do the same with their videos. I suggest Jenna Marbles or Joe Santagato, they are very funny and it would be similar to what regular people sound like and the casual language we use in the US instead of a news broadcaster. 

I hope this helps!!

April 19, 2017
Probably read more and speak more.....
April 19, 2017

thanxs guys for your advices 

Lila I think you should write down all the phrase because some times we know the word but we dont know how to use it and learn with phrases is 4 to 5 times faster than studing individual words

April 19, 2017