Need help with book about "bad words" in your culture!
My name is Eugene. I'm russian writer. Now i write a book with called "Bad words in different countries". Can you help me and write few examples of your native "bad words"?
Please, don't be shy and snobs! "Bad words" is part of our culture!

It's not difficult. All you need is write 3 different "bad phrases" in native language. It is to be interesting phrases that can be used usual life.
1. as this phrase is written in your native language. 
2. what it's mean (literal translation in English and in what situations are used it).
3. how these words are pronounced in English transcription.

For example "Russian bed words"
1. Вертел я всех вас на хую!
2. I spit you all in the dick (Used when you consider yourself right no matter what.)
3. Vertel ya vseh vas na huiu.

1. Отъебись от меня!
2. Fuck off from me (To say in cases where your annoy and you don't like it.)
3. Ot'ebis ot menia;

1. Давайте бухать, говноеды.
2. Lit's thump, shit eaters! (Used in a cheerful noisy company, as encouragement to drink alcohol.)
3. Davaite buhat', govnoedi!

Also i ask you to write how are pronounced in English transcription the words from your native language:
1. Dick
2. Pussy
3. Tits
4. Fuck you 

For example in russian it's called as:
1. Hui (хуй)
2. Pizda (пизда)
4. Siski (сиськи)
5. Poshel na hui (пошел на хуй)

Finally write 1 some interesting fact about bad words in your country.

For example, the Russian swear words are very diverse and complex. It's a whole culture. The same word can have opposite meanings depending on the intonation.

Thank you a lot!!!!!!
Apr 20, 2017 10:11 AM