Luke Truman
Skritter for Cantonese

    Hi, I am wanting to start learning writting chinese soon but first off I want to get used to writing in colloquial cantonese before I move onto writting in standard written chinese. I was wondering if anyone has any experience in using skritter for learning to read and write colloquial cantonese? I know they don't have cantonese specific characters right now but not knowing to read or write I am unsure on to what % of characters are made up by canton specific ones and how much of it overlaps? Would you think skritter is worth  the money for learning to read and write cantonese? Alternatively I know Pleco is great and shows you the stroke order so I can practice by hand but then I would miss out on spaced repitition.

Apr 20, 2017 2:45 PM
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Ya you can draw the characters. They have 4 inputs (1) jyut ping/pinyin/yale(ithink?) (2) draw (3) with radicals (4) spoken. Pleco is quite good
April 20, 2017
Pleco has SRS -- it's just a couple of dollars for the upgrade. They have a full package deal for less than a month's subscription to Skritter. Pleco also has Cantonese dictionaries -- including free ones 
April 20, 2017
Hey I know I'm late but I use Hanping Cantonese on Android. I would recommend it over Pleco since it goes right down to the core of Cantonese even with a list of top idioms, top spoken words, and other things (and slang if you look it up). You can bookmark and save words to make flashcards. There are even markers to let you know if the phrase/word you are looking up is spoken or written Cantonese. It has a clipboard feature so if you copy any Chinese words, it will automatically go to the app for you. It has more features but I highly recommend it! It's 10 dollars so it's not bad.
May 2, 2017
So I guess the general consensus is that without the addition of Cantonese specific characters and pronunciation skritter is pretty much a waste of money and I should go with Pleco instead? I think Pleco has some other really cool features too such as the document reader or the character recognition with photos as well. Thanks for the quick responses :) 
April 20, 2017
Pleco is an awesome app and I think I am definitely gunna get the basic package for 25 pounds. Do you know if you can draw out the characters like you can with skritter though, or is it just recognition of the characters?
April 20, 2017