Discipline and perseverance

Hello everyone :-)

After few years of using I realize one thing.

It is very hard to learn and improve language when your language partner does not have discipline and persevance in studying language. At begining I thought that it is really good thing to learn new language for free, but in fact, a lot of people here don't want to learn new language. Usually they are spending time and do nothing... all they want is entertainment.

So, I have one message for those who fell bored on "Don't expect from other to make entertainment for you. People are not clowns. Do something with your life because time is too precious".

When you gona be old, it is better to say to grandchildren that you do some awesome things like improved foreign language than I feel bored so I do nothing.

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Apr 21, 2017 1:44 PM
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April 21, 2017

In my opinion, it is important not to expect an exclusive language partner, but to interact with different people in different ways.  If your expectation is that one person will teach you all you need to know for free, the odds are incredibly high that you will be disappointed.  

I do not think there should be a minimum commitment/requirement in order to use italki. I think it is important to talk about what your expectations are fairly early on with a potential language partner. I certainly wish more people would have done that with me, as it is possible that I have disappointed some.   I think it is especially important if you are a speaker of a language that is not in high demand and your partner is a native English speaker. I work on learning Spanish many hours per week, so in one sense I am a very serious learner.  On the other hand, I am just learning the language for the pleasure of learning it.  If it becomes not a pleasure to talk with a particular person, I have too many other teachers or partners available and will often start making different plans.   I think if I made a commitment for a certain period of time that would be a different matter, but I think when you get something for free, your expectations should be low about how long that will last.  It will only last as long as it meets the needs of both people. 

April 21, 2017
Learning a language doesn't have to be boring. You can both learn and have fun. Of course you can't expect someone to entertain you, but if you find the right person it will come naturaly. If you don't enjoy talking to your language partner or he or she doesn't enjoy talking to you, then you are probably not a good match. I'd say the same for language teachers.
April 21, 2017

We can not require others too much. What we can do is to find the right person.

April 21, 2017
that is why i pay for lessons...better use of my time...
April 22, 2017
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