Is there a relationship between learning languages and causing new technologies or new methods?

Hi every body....

what do you think? Is there a relationship between learning languages and causing new technologies or new methods?

At first i have two questions for clarification what i mean...

1) It doesn't matter what is your major, you are Student, Lawyer, Mechanical engineer, Historian, Teacher, Electronic engineer,....have you thought what is your aim for learning languages? just talking people, traveling to their country, being a professional teacher...? or you have higher goal related to your major...for example a lawyer says wants to learn France because of many books in this field are France...he/she wants to learn France to making new idea in this field...or a Mechanical engineer learn English to be familiar with new technologies that there aren't in his\her  mother tongue's sites for causing new idea, making new machine...what is your aim?

2)For this purpose and causing new thechnology and new methods is  just learning English enough? what do you think about that


Apr 21, 2017 7:47 PM
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Thanks all but i mean relation between learning new language and making new method and promoting level of the dosen't matter what it will be...i don't mean learning languages for reason of making friends, talking to them, visiting their country..i mean another goal lead to finding new methods ...
April 21, 2017
 Technologies help to learn languages a lot  . Being in contact with native  , having different keyboards in smartphone   and also many applications  . English is nowadays widely spoken but knowing more languages is of course better 
April 21, 2017
hi Sepideh 
well, for me learning languages are about communicating. for instance, imagine if you can learn all the languages in this world, you would be able to communicate, to identify more cultures, to know more people, and get the feeling of not being alone in this world.
and sure one language won't be enough, the more languages you learn the more you be able to broaden your mind.
April 21, 2017
I believe you can have many answers and every one could be right for everyone for example I start to learn because I like the sound of the French
April 21, 2017

Hi Seungry,

New methods have been repeated twice, sorry for this mistake...

"For this purpose and causing new technologies  and new methods is just learning English enough?"

I mean if you'll  learn English fluently for using useful English sites that there aren't in your mother tongue's sites is it enough?...(for making new technologies  and new methods)...

April 21, 2017
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