What suggestions would you like to share with social frenshman?

Hello,everyone! I'm a junior student in Shanghai, I want to have a internship in a foreign company this summer. 

My America teacher once told us that some foreign colleagues would like to share homemade cookies in office which was needless and nobody cared about that and we should never do that. However, from my perspective, it is a way to show friendliness and can promote our relationship in someway.

So there do exist many culture differences in offices which I really curious about. 

Therefore, would you like to share some your opinions about this topics? I'm really appreciate that!

Apr 22, 2017 2:31 AM
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I work in a company that employs multinational people, however, I don't feel very much different. In fact, although all have same basic human characteristics, all believe some particular personal perceptions that we need to understand to associate with each other.

You can't expect everything that you need in a working environment and you have to adjust. The most important thing is to study about your working environment firstly.  There is no hard and fast rule set.

April 22, 2017

You can have  lunch or dinner, like a friendly reception, for example in Argentina we made "asado"(like barbecue), "picadas"(starter), etc.


April 22, 2017