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The most difficult language in the world | Easy German 117

Hi, Firstly I just want you to watch this video:

But if you dont want to watch this clip, so I'm interested, which language is TO YOU  the most difficult language to learn? 

Apr 22, 2017 7:43 AM
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I  agree with Miriam that it depends on the mother tongue person ...i am native in Persian and i can understand Arabic easily...because many words in Arabic there  are in daily Persian conversation in Iran...for example notice these sentences in Arabic:

العفو ألذّ من الانتقام، والعمل أمتع من الفراغ، والقناعه اأعظم من المال، والصحّه خیرٌ من الثّروه

قرّرت أن أنساک فأبدلت قلبی بحجرٍ، وبعد أیّام اهتزّت أضلعی وسألنی عنک الحجر

The words (عفو، لذت، انتقام، عمل، فراغ، قناعت، اعظم، مال، صحت، خیر، ثروت، بدل، قلب، حجر، بعد، ایام)are used in daily Iranian, Arabic is more simple for me...but maybe for a person that is native in English, Arabic is hard...

 my Arabic was better than my English in high school...

April 22, 2017
I haven't tried all of them, and I'm sure the most difficult language is one of those I've never tried to learn. But out of those I have tried, the most difficult are English and German. I'm still not sure which one of the two.
April 22, 2017
Very interesting video. I haven't tried Vietnamese yet, so I can't really say, if I would find it most difficult. Many people name Chinese, but I never thought, that it's the most difficult language. Yes, there are thousands of characters to memorize and the pronounciation is challenging, but therefore the grammar is quite easy. For me personally Arabic is quite difficult. I think there is no language that is objectively the most difficult one, but it always depends on the mother tongue and prior language learning experience of the learner.
April 22, 2017
@Katarina, the most difficult language as per my yesterday's experience is definitely German, at least for me:) First, I thought Chinese was the most difficult language, but after watching some videos including this one, I must say it is German. I tried to watch some lesson on you-tube and the most difficult part of learning German which I found was the pronunciation. I couldn't even figure it out although I was reading the German subtitle but the pronunciation was completely different. I think I need to try Duolingo first.
April 22, 2017
A comment, that I totally agree about this clip is: 
" The most difficult language is the language that is most different from your own."

 I'm a Vietnamese and think Chinese is easy. Like Miriam said above, it's just many characters. But my classmates, who come from Europe, don't think so. They have to practice more to be able to speak as good as me. And In opposite in Spanish class, I have to practice and learn harder to be able to speak like my classmate, who also come from Europe. 
 In the clip, you also see a part about Hangul (Korean). That's for me also easy. It's even easier than Chinese in pronunciation. 
 I have started learning German since 6 years ago and until now, I don't think it's difficult anymore but at the beginning, I wanted to cry all the time ^^ 

April 22, 2017
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