Recommended Spanish Languages courses/holidays in Spain?

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend any good Spanish courses/holidays in Spain please?  I have seen online you can combine some language courses with holidays also activities learning to surf or play tennis etc... 

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Apr 22, 2017 1:02 PM
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I was in Sevilla, I just adored this city. The atmosphere is great. The people are friendly. They speak more slowly then in Madrid where everybody seems always stressed. Sorry I forgot the name of the school. It wasn't so great, during three weeks we studied the subjunctive everyday during 4 hours. But we also had Flamenco classes and I took private conversation classes with a student, that was great. 
April 23, 2017

Hello! That combination might be expensive if you're an student, but maybe not so much if you're from Switzerland.

It is different if you're just looking for holidays or for learning Spanish, which base you already have in the language and what you expect... Because what Aliph said is true (I'm curious to know where that languages school was in my city), but when talking to local people here you might feel you have never learnt Spanish before as we have a certain accent, which every foreigner I've met loved, but my reccommendation will be coming here if you have already a good level or coming from the very base, for enjoying Spanish from the base and in this city, which everyone normally loves. This is talking about coming here. I don't know about other places. But feel free to contact me if you want I help you with further information, we can look/work at it together!

May 6, 2017