how do you distinguish meaning of a word? how do you find details of pronoun words in sentences?

how do you distinguish the meaning of a word?In English, a word has lots of the meaning, isn't it? so sometimes it confuses me when I read sentences like this 'what does this word mean??'


how do you find details of pronoun words in sentences?

A pronoun in sentences is one of the biggest problems because sometimes I can't find what the pronoun mean or which word or phrase connect to the pronoun. 

I want to know a good clue of these problems.

Thank you.

Apr 23, 2017 8:59 AM
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If a word can have several meanings, then we know the correct meaning based on the context.  As you develop your English, you'll acquire a habit of understanding full phrases instead of separate words.

Your second question is a bit vague, but I think you want to know how we understand what words like it, that, they, which and so on refer to in a sentence.

It's fairly simple: for example, if I read "it" in a paragraph, I know it's about the last singular, non-human thing mentioned.

Have a look at this webpage:

April 23, 2017