Cheese Rolling.

It's a fun but weird competition takes place every year in the UK. Please have a look how it goes--  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dtvG9XDtjv4

What do you think about this event and most importantly, do you have any such event in your country that is famous? If you have, then please share with a bit description about it.

Anyone from the UK has ever experienced this Cheese Rolling competition? If you have, then please share your experience:)

Thank you:)

Apr 23, 2017 6:45 PM
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Yes, @Sapideh, in my country, there may be many such kinds of competition but I am not aware of all of all of them:) There is one in which people have to walk on charcoal. Thank you for your input:) 

Thank you @Richard for letting us know about this event. This kind of race are very dangerous and everyone will agree on that after watching the video you've mentioned. Thank God, Mark, the driver didn't face any senior injury. People enjoy such sport as long as it goes well but when something goes wrong, they term the sport as madness:)

April 24, 2017

Every summer in Canada and the US there are many different kinds of competitions between farmers/ranchers.

One competition event is called "chuckwagon races".
Chuckwagons are used to store food and water for the ranchers/cowboys and the cattle that the cowboys move from their grazing grounds to the place where they will be bought and sold and then turned into beef products.

The races are dangerous, but the cowboys are tough and they love these kinds of competitions.

Here's a link to a video (the driver falls under the chuckwagon and the horses keep running):


April 23, 2017

Woww Sudeep!! no body hurt?!if i were there my neck would injure...

I think in your country, India, there are various competitions and celebrations..

April 23, 2017