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Italki doesn't select teacher by their reviews. I am looking for a spanish teacher who can give an intensive spanish course following the book Gente hoy 2(I have got the book which I can share with the teacher) someone who plans the lesson careful and cares about their students. So I am here to ask if someone can recommend a teacher please? Not a expensive one as I am looking to book between 5 to 10 lessons a week!

Thank you

Apr 24, 2017 11:14 AM
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Hi Diana, 

Are you looking for a professional teacher or is a community tutor also an option? 

What is your current level of Spanish? What level are you trying to achieve? In which timeline?

Why do you want to learn the language? For culture, tourism, study, career? 

What is your priority when it comes to areas of proficiency? Speaking, listening, writing or reading? 

You say that you want to take 5 to 10 lessons a week, aside from the lessons how much time are you willing to allocate to the learning process? 

Why do you want to follow that specific book? 

Having the answers to the questions above will make easier for me to give you an accurate response!

Thank you!

April 24, 2017