Interviewing Random People In Beijing. SUGGESTIONS NEEDED 2

My friend from high school wants to start her own business, she now has the interviewing thing (especially  foreigners) on her mind, she then asked me help her chat up with people and ask questions, so we need your suggestions.

1. What do you think of Alipay 支付宝and Wechat pay 微信支付?Sometimes you don’t need cash, all you need to do is take your phone and show your QR code to pay.

2. Did you have any stereotypes about China and Chinese people before you moved to China? Do you think they are still true?

3. Do you think Chinese people look younger?

4.What’s the biggest change of you after you moved to China?

5.What’s your favorite food here?

6. What’s the biggest cultural difference that you haven’t understood yet?

You can find some other questions on the other discussion page of mine.

We are going to interview some foreigners as an experiment (I’m pretty excited about the whole thing), are you interested in all the questions listed above? Or what do you want to know about China and Chinese people. WE NEED YOUR OPINIONS. Thanks. 

Apr 24, 2017 4:37 PM