What's the tips to keep a diary? How about exchange diary or group journal ?
I have a suggestion to learn daily use languages and keep to learn everyday. 

I think that keep a diary in English is a good way to practice output and input words I want to say. 
Of cause I want to keep a diary, but I was't able to keep it because there is nothing to write every day.
Then, I came up with my mind that good way to solve the problem. The way is doing exchange diary or group journal.
Here is my image:
You write a story if you have a topic, and if you don't have a topic, you don't need to write. 
Even if you don't write diary, you can see member's diary and comment about it. 
I think number of one group is depend on how often they tweet, but about 5 - 10 people is ideal.

Is Tweeter like that? Are there some tool like that? 
If the groups of English Learner are already exist, I would like to join. 
If someone have tips to keep diary, Please let me know!
Thank you for reading:)
Apr 25, 2017 1:37 PM