Top 5 questions about learning English

What are your top 5 questions about learning English?

For example, my questions when I started learning Korean:

1) What language should I use in different situations?

2) Where can I find good resources to practice reading and listening?

3) Is there any good music I can listen to to help me learn?

4) How can I learn more vocabulary?

5) Where can I take lessons for a reasonable price?

Apr 26, 2017 1:52 AM
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I learnt three foreign languages: English, Italian and Korean. I started to learn Italian like a native language, without translations. Then I could learn its grammar by myself. It was easy and very interesting for me. I had a very good teacher of Korean. After only 6 months I could tell and write a big enough story about how I spent my day. I have been learning English since I went to school. I started from grammar, but I couldn't remember English words for a long time. But now, when I'm trying to teach English my daughter (she is a baby and learning it like a native language), I meet a lack for everyday English and only now I really like English. I'm falling in love with every new word she has learnt :)

Therefore, even if we are adults, we shouldn't forget about books and songs for babies when we are going to learn some foreign language. They are full of reiterations, basic grammar and vocabulary.

April 26, 2017